Protests against the pig farm on the Romani genocide site

Human rights activists blocked the main gate of the pig farm in Lety u Písku, Czech Republic on 13.11.2014 . Lety pig farm  is operated on the very site of Romani genocide, on the site of former WW2 death camp for Roma. The activists were blocking the pig farms main gate for almost one hour. The activits also created improvized memorial with candles in the middle of the pig farm gate.When police arrived, activists left the space in the gate, police removed improvized memorial and the truck was able to leave the pigfarm campus.

One hour later activists returned to the pigfarm gate and blocked another supply truck. Truck driver behaved aggressively this time and was driving the the truck into the activists, pushing them into the gate. After the arrival of the police activists left Lety.

Commemoration meeting for the dignity or Roma genocide victims is organized at the Lety pig farm every 13th of every month by the Konexe civic associaton. Konexe with associated activists were blocking the pig farm in Lety for one entire week, sleeping in tents in front of the maingate in May 2014.

On 13th June 2014 Konexe and EGAM organized international commemoration meeting attended by 40 anti-racist organizations leaders , Roma from 15 European countries among them.

Regular commemoration meetings organized by Konexe are being visited mostly by people from outside Czech Republic or by local impoverished Roma. (meetings on 13.9.2014 –  German group only ;  13.10.2014 – Finland 2, Germany 1, Spain 1, Slovakia 1, Roma 2 , Czech 1 ; 13.11. –  USA 1,  Germany 2 , Spain 1, Czech 2 )


Ne farmě

pictures from commemoration meeting 13.6.2014 here





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