Demonstration against racism and for the abolition of Roma segregation and discrimination took place in Ostrava , Czech Republic on 6.12.2014

The demonstration started at 14:00 on the Svatopluk Čech square, followed by the march to the Prokeš square. The demonstration was organized by local Roma community members with the technical support of Konexe civic association.    From the moment of demonstration announcement, organizers were under strong pressure to cancel and call off the demonstration. 

Pictures from the demonstration HERE covered the situation in Ostrava by online reportage:

16:52 – Our online report is over. Thank you for your reading. Follow  – The fight for Roma Rights continues.

16:45 – Roma congress organized allegedly organized by some local Roma was canceled – no organizers or guests arrived. Speculations that it was a fake event announced to  weaken the demonstration and calm down the local Roma community were confirmed.

Demonstration participants who came to attend the cancelled council decided to instantly organize the community meeting and the discussion started

16:34 – The antiracist march came back to Svatopluka Čecha square and the demonstration is officially finished

15:43 – After several speeches on Prokešovo square the march is heading back to Svatopluk Čech square

15:31 – The march arrived to Prokešovo square

15:30 – The march arrived to Roma dormitory, welcomed by the dormitory residents. Speeches in front of the dormitory

15:27 – The demonstrators are chanting varous slogans:  „We have right to live!“, „For our children!“, „This is our home!“, „Dignified housing !“

15:24 – Pictures here

15:22 – The number of antiracist march participants is raising, maybe 160 participants now

15:00 – Participants of Demonstration against racism started to march. heading to Prokešovo Square

14:43- Roma hihop crew De La Negra on the stage

14:43 – In another speech solidarity and support by Roma people to squaters in Prague, who are occupying new house just now is expressed. Roma community in Ostrava-Přednádraží  was supported by squaters during the eviction case few years ago.

14:40  – Vice mayor of Ostrava Zbyněk Pražák is having speech at Svatopluk Čech square

14:35 – Police Anticoflict Team started to guard the perimeter of Svatopul Čech square. According to the information provided by Police, neonazis in small group are trying to reach the Svatopluk Čech square

14:31 – See the pictures from Svatopluk Čech square here

14:25 – About 40 neonazis started to march from Prokešovo Square towards Svatopluk Čech square , Police stops them in Sokolská street

14:23 – Evangelical parson Mikuláš Vymětal preaches for the peace and against hatred and violence

14:20 – In their opening speech organizers underlined the fact that this demonstration is not organized just because of recent attack against Roma youngster, but because Roma does not feel safe in Ostrava generally

14:14 – Demonstration against racism started, 60-70 participants by the stage , groups of people are watching the demonstration from distance

14:09 – Sound system and banners are prepared on Svatopluk Čech Square

14:04 –  30 -40 of participants attended the demonstration organized by neonazis on the Prokešovo Square. Police in high numbers there

12:58 –  The meeting of organization team starts, Local Roma, most of them young , Roma from other regions who travelled to Ostrava to support the demonstration, Christian priest and Konexe volunteers attended the meeting

12:20 –  Roma congress is organized after the demonstration in the Christian Elementary School of Přemysl Pitter, see the picture of the congress place

12:04 – The preparations for today’s demonstration already started. Konexe community empowerment team works in Romani neighbourhoods of Ostrava

for more info about today see the facebook event of demonstration in Ostrava





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